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Pageant Hollywood

What Makes Our Pageants Sooo Special? We are Not Shy to tell you why!  First, it is you! You are special! Second of all, we take a personal interest in making sure that our contestants exceed outside of pageantry, in school, at home, in sports, extracurricular activities, social clubs or affiliations, and whatever else they are involved in. Each candidate  must have current goals that they are aspiring to outside of pageantry, as well as inside of the industry, our education specialist will see to that!  We have a strategic approach and will train our contestants to yield a competitive edge anywhere they go and in anything that they do, they must be the best that they can be! We are Elegant, Sophisticated, and a  Classy Premium Top - Class  Royalty©  experience rich, wealthy, and a successful state of  mind.  Lifestyle style change is what we offer you through pageantry and an awesome experience that can not be matched or found anywhere or in anyone's pageant cortege (system).


As you can see our contestants are more than a business to us, it 's their life, it's their future! We know that our approach is different but this is what God has called us to do. Pageant Hollywood is revolutionalizing the pageant industry, pageants will never be looked at the same ever again! Wait until you find out about our unique programs that are incorporated into each and every candidate's life, that is why our candidates steal the show and are  the top, the best off stage as well as on stage, you will definitely agree how special Pageant Hollywood is, so read on for more details. 


PH education specialist offers a free 1 hour consult to all our lovely pageant candidates in review of their application or preparation into the school of their dreams, whether it is private, public school or college to ensure they have the best chances of being accepted.


School Interview Prep; Pageant Hollywood will equip any candidate with the most typical or most likely questions and correct answers administrators, admissions committee or boards are expecting them to  say to gain entry. Your goal, the thin letter..."Congratulations, You're accepted!" Now Smile!


Advisory information and conflict resolution; For problems with school, working effectively with teachers, administration, coping with any aspect of school, including troblemsome students i.e. bullies or anything that is or could potentially hinder or distrub a positive supportive healthy, fruitful academic achievement experience.  Conference calls and online meetings are also offered for resolve which are just a few of PH options to serve  their candidates.  If you are a candidate here at PH you are more likely to graduate top of your class! Valedictorian! Nothing less! With us by your side all the way to the end!


I'm Smart, and Tut 4 Queens;Tutoring Service, Pageant Hollywood would like to give the honor to tutor anyone of their precious candidates in any area that is causing them to face challenges academically.  This Tut 4 Queens program includes any level of mathematics from elementary through Calculus, PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT, Proficiency, and State Exams administered through secondary school during the academic year or summer. Four (4) thirty (30) minute tutoring sessions are offered and in the event PH is fully booked, students are given a voucher to any of our tutoring partners. Mastering every academic course is what we want for our candidates, If it is an A you want then it is an A you will get! Want to score high on your entrance exam? No  problem! You will!


Job Hunter Support; Pageant Hollywood will review any candidate's coverletter and resume, then will make professional suggestions to ensure that each and every candidate in search of employment will submit very highly competitive documents to land the job of their dreams in their chosen field. How would you like to hear "You're Hired!" Now, that's a mission accomplished!


Joint Project Efforts; Pageant Hollywood is reaching out and working with principals, presidents of colleges and universities, teachers, community leaders, and resource centers to help identify those who can benefit from entering Pageant Hollywood's pageants. Our pageants-end, results-making the world a better place through pageantry.


Now, PH have many many more important aspects and benefit for you but you would need to read through the rest of this website to learn of them, however, we are confident that you will agree that Pageant Hollywood is totally different and is revolutionalizing the industry!


Now,  by entering any of our 100+ exciting Pageant Corteges you will learn and acquire the following:


Character & IntegrityYou will build your self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, and be empowered to feel great about yourself! As a result of all of this, you will respect yourself and others, you will definitely love yourself  better. Thereby, it will help you feel better about setting obtainable goals and achieving them on time, through positive reinforcement and structure that you will receive from our wonderful, loving Excutive Experts. And if you didn't achieve what you wanted to (actually you found a new or better way or how to do it better) not to be ashame but to be able to say I fell down  but I am going to get back up and try it  again!  Back To Top


Sportsmanship - Learning how to support fellow competitors and to handle lost with class , pride, grace with your head held up high, and to  be empowered to get back up and try it again much better the next time is how our queen stars are born. 


Grooming StylesPromoting the importance of being neatly groomed (nails clean, cut and polished, hair cut, hair styled appropriately for the occasion, teeth brush & breath fresh, and face clean), and how to present yourself to the world and on stage, will be perfected to the highest quality degree and will be felt by those in your presence.  Each person becomes  physically fit, looks their best according to their body type, shape and size, and must be groom accordingly.


Developmental Organizational Skills & Time Management Control - You will learn how to set priorities and create a plan to accomplish your ultimate goals. Keep all of your documents in a simple but  orderly fashion  easily assessable when requested.  Submit documents and other supporting materials on time to meet deadlines.  Back to Top


Build Excellent Communication & Verbal Skills Enunciation, voice and diction.  You will speak and pronounce your words, with voice inflection and clarity, resulting in a vocal symphony - speaking to impress and grab attention of  those who hear your voice.  You will also gain sharp public speaking skills - Listening attentatively, responding intelligently and wisely.  Lastly, you will learn what body language is, how to use it, interpret it, and how use body language to communication your message effectively while getting your impression or point across to the target person or people.


Develop Great Interpersonal Skills - Stopping Bullies and Overcoming Shyness - Deal with peer pressure in a proactive head on manner and learn how to speak up and stand up for yourself , when to say no to controlling, pushy, and overbearing, or demanding peers in a polite but respectful way, conveying to them how to respect your personal space and who you are as a person.  You will also Believe, have Faith, and Feel good about yourself.  As a bonus you will find your inner beauty and how to express it outwardly to others.  Back top Top


Will Power, Perseverance & EnduranceYou will learn to never give up no matter what challenges you face, you will complete the tasks that is before you or the one you started.  You will always reach for the stars and come down with moon! That means that you will come back or finish and accomplish  more than what you expected.


Commitment & Discipline - You will acquire the willingness to stay with it regardless of the outcome. You will look for the positive out of every negative situation or outcome.  You will always complete a task and not leave anything uncompleted.  Your discipline skills will lead you to obey and follow rules and directions effectively and to leave a positive impression on others because of it. Back to Top


Grace, Poise, Stage Presence & Performance – You will gain more poise than ever and politeness, learning how to stand out in a crowd being uniquely different from 100’s or l000’s of others in any environment. Every person is taught how to walk straight with their heads up, rhythmically according to the beat of their DNA, grace, poise, sophisticated, charm and charisma with an elegant smile. We are elegant, sophisticated, classy and untouchable in everyway. The focus is not so much on the event or others but on the individuals themselves. We don’t compete against one another but rather show our strengths to another. You will be able to get on stage and complete your performance in an easy and comfortable manner using stage techniques with your new gifts, natural born talents and skills, everybody has them!


A Pleasant & Positive AttitudeIt is important to have a pleasant and positive attitude about yourself and life. Expressing yourself will come naturally as you prepare to compete, our pageants are guaranteed to bring out the best in you.  You will learn how to tear down barriers positively and constructively through smiling, being happy and knowing who you are in the middle of chaos or no matter what is going on during the stressful times of your life you can still find happiness and dream fulfillment.  Everything that seems bad is not always bad, you will learn how to turn a negative into a positive and to reap the best from it! Back to Top


Family Values Through your involvement in various pageant activities it will bring you closer to your family; mom, dad, siblings and other relatives if you involve them.   Pageant Hollywood fosters and upholds each candidate no matter what, regardless of prior issues. All love and respect their parents as they lean on them for their support to become successful in pageantry.


Proactive - We are training up all of our contestants to be movers and shaker! They will be the leaders in society, they are not going to be passive and wait  for someone to make great things happen for them, they will  make history happen not just for themselves but for others too! All of Pageant Hollywood's  contestants  go after their dreams in a positive respectful manner. We encourage, teach all of our contestants to be proactive not reactive, to respond positively not negatively, to be assertive not aggressive, to  extract, draw upon knowledge and use wisdom. To act and think intelligently in all aspects of their lives.  Back to Top


You will have Your very own Whoa! Wow! Kill them Dead Factor! Pageant Shock Factor! Your Very Own Trademark and be Totally & Completely Different from the Rest! You will be the  center of attraction and person to take the crown from!  In a very good way.


Whether you’ve been in a pageant before or not, even if you learned a lot about pageantry, you can still learn more and perfect your skills and talents better.  Life is a continuous learning cycle, just when you think you’ve learned it all, here comes something new that you need to learn or to stay abreast with.


“No Mountain High Enough and No Valley Wide or Deep Enough!” to stop our contestants from being whatever they want to be or what they want to achieve!


We at Pageant Hollywood have high expectations and expect the very best from all involved in the execution of our pageant production. Although our expectations are very high, our candidates can easily achieve them when they follow our instructions step by step.  Developing time management, teamwork and leadership skills helps our contestants work with all types of people in society and be better prepared for the world tomorrow.  Back to Top


Contestants  listen and watch other contestants attentively  because they are trying to learn how to do things better, what works and what doesn’t , they are ready to make the necessary changes that will make them a better contestant.  Supporting  fellow contestants, cheering as they go on stage and when they leave, showing support and not condemning their peers is all apart of  competing. All contestants are required to show sportsmanship and must agree to do so, when a contestant honors their words; meaning that they do what they say they would do, such as follow up, learn from their mistakes. Most of all the contestants  are reliable and honest, upholding integrity, which are all great characteristics of a great person!


The skills and talents that you develop during the pageant are transferrable to your personal and professional careers, everything  that you do in pageantry or prepare to do in pageantry will always be beneficial to you throughout your entire life!  Back to Top


Other Highlights About Pageant Hollywood


We are celebrating achievement, fostering lifelong learning, and promoting:


1.  Protection of Abandoned, Abused, and Neglected Children

2. Charitable Giving & Community Service

3. Environmental Awareness

4. Family Values & Love for Humanity

5. Good & Strong Educational Learning

6. Fitness,Health & Wellness

7. Personal & Professional Etiquettes

8. Protection of Animals and Rare Species


PH is Organic, Green & Eco-Friendly, doing most of our business paperless and Chemical Free.We are the pioneers and creators of Organic Pageants.


Finally, Participation in pageants is a good way to bring out the very best in a person, as a result we have a sparkling beautiful loving human to admire to help make our community and this world a better place. It is true to be beautifully appealing on the outside but it’s better to beautiful on the inside.We love physical beauty because that’s what we already have and can see, so we work on the inside to bring out that greatness within it makes us the most beautiful person one could ever know, meet or see. t’s easy. Back to Top



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Pageant Hollywood

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