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Wow! How Beautiful & Breathtaking!

You Will Be Competiting and Staying in a

4 or 5 Star Exculsive Resort or Hotel.


A Superb ambiance that will completely knock you off your feet as your eyes  glaze into the window, take your breath away, then melt you like butter as you inhale to smell the aroma as soon as you walk through the lobby door.  Transform you ..... These resorts and hotels serve also as a fabulous getaway so you actually are getting a vacation included for free.  Luxury  is an understatement and a competition for royalty to match!


The moments when you are not competing for your title, the service offered by these luxurious resorts and hotels are nothing worth less than service for a Queen or King!!!


Pageant Hollywood is giving away for free, a free resort hotel night stay when you enter any one of their Pageants!  And that's the truth!  Like if that is not enough, PH is also giving away free Entries into Pageants for free as along as you become an Exclusive Member. Click Here To Find Out How

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These are just a few examples of resort hotels that you could be staying in as a contestant in any of  Pageant Hollywood Pageants'.

You are going to have an outrageously awesome time©!

Compete like a maniac©! Relax in tranquility and sleep like a baby©!


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