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Pageant Labs
 Pageant  Coaching

Pageant Classes, Courses, Coaching, Training, WORKSHOPS, and PAGEANT LABS Available For:


  1. Conquering Modeling and The Catwalk  Stage  Techniques.

  2. Winning Mock Interview Techniques.

  3. Professional Stage Presentation Execution.

  4. Color-code Wardrobe Seclection for evening wear, theme wear, and the pageant competition environment.

  5. Beauty Rest, Fitness & Mind Control.

  6. Winning Over the Judges with Killer Smiles and other feature Expressions.

  7. Skintone Make-Up. 

  8. Talent Development Analysis (singing, acting, & dancing).

  9. How to get the photogenic look in your eyes and face.


Pageant Lab 1:

  • Ways to master stage fright.

  • How to leave an everlasting impression on the judges off stage as well as on stage.

  • How to successfully earn and keep all of your points during the interview.


 Pageant Lab 2:

  • Runway Modeling Techniques; Do's & Don'ts


These brush-up learning enhancements are for beginners, Mid Level to Highly Skilled or Well Seasoned Advanced Competitors.  To be conducted before or during competitions. The sole purpose is to polish and prepare the contestant to gain a winning competitive edge over the competition right there on the spot.


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We offer several different types of scholarships. Most of our scholarships support education for all areas of study, arts & science, pageantry, community service, talent, environmental contributions, and career advancement.


The scholarships are made available through the generous kindness of PA&S. All monies that they receive from the acquisition of fees for services from contestants, a percentage of all money is earmarked and pooled together and given to the winners from selected pageants from  Pageant Hollywood.


The scholarship money must be used only for the advancement of any of Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences services, and may be  use otherwise with special permission if the awardee desired services elsewhere because of convenience.


Don't Waste Your Education & Don't Waste Your Time©!



Beauty Pageant Private Modeling Sessions and Modeling Classes






Those who do not prepare for the stage, catwalk, or runway will certainly not do well!


Beauty Pageant Modeling, Runway Modeling, and Modeling Are Now Available One-On-One at your convenience! Oustide of the Pageant Labs. Take A Modeling Session Today! And win your next competition! Just email us or give us a call and we will discuss how you can.


You will learn how to model the correct way by the professionals that have walked the runways, have been in beauty pageants before and have won big time all the time! Modeling and Beauty Pageant Modeling was easy for them and they will make it easy for you! You will gain modeling skills or increase them instantly! Your Modeling Session is guaranteed to give you confidence and boost yourself esteem!


We do offer group modeling or private modeling courses too!



Contact Us Today To Get Started!


Now Be Awesome and Spread The Word, Tell A Lot Of People And Send Them To Our Site!


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Do you know anyone who can benefit from  anyone of the above information, training, sessions? or Someone that is a perfect fit for pageantry?

What about someone who needs help? Then, tell him or her about us and send us their email address.

Pageant Boot Camp Retreat

Look who’s new on the block! Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences!


Almost every industry has a professional school, now pageantry does too!  We have all types of goody services, whether you are searching and preparing to enter a pageant for the very first time or you are a well-seasoned pageant superstar who is looking to change something to make yourself more effective on stage, or someone who wants to work in pageantry, teach pageantry classes or  start a business in pageantry,  regardless of what your needs are, if it has to do anything with pageantry, Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences (APAS) can supply all your needs! You can also be trained professionally in any field related to pageantry!


If you need to brush up on your pageantry skills or need to learn new ones you can now register and take those classes, last minute disasters can turn into instant miracles and winnings! With our help on demand, you will come out a winner everytime! Only qualified pageant veterans with years of pageantry experience in that specialized area that you are seeking knowledge for will, teach, coach, or assist you with reaching your dreams successfully! The goal is for you to win or to become more versed and experience in the world of pageantry, to launch your very own pageant business or services that will enhance the pageantry industry. The Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences offers in person coaching, courses online, correspondence or independent studies. After you have completed your course of study a certificate of completion is sent to you. Enroll Now!  Page Down


The Arts

Arts in Pageantry. We recognize all types and forms of art whether performing or non-performing that connects to increase, and or enhance the advancement of pageantry in any form.


The Sciences

Sciences in Pageantry. We acknowledge sciences in any form of pageantry.  Science that is or can be affiliated with pageantry to increase, and or enhance advancement of the pageantry industry.


The Purpose is: To facilitate, coach, inspire, motivate, advocate, and educate the world about pageantry and other related subjects. To work in the best interest of : the individuals' to equip them for their future, foster the industry of pageantry, especially developing standards to the frontier of change for new ideas, respect, technologies, and sciences. Thus, cultivating talents, skills, basic education then, propel those into the industry successfully.


Whether you are interested in a single class, hands-on workshop, bootcamp, cirrculum, or just attending our tradeshow you are in uniquely in our minds as we at APAS has designed a multi-tier growth and comprehensive program for anyone on any plateau, it doesn't matter if you are a:

  • Potential Pageant Contestants or  Currently Breaking Into the Pageant Show Business.

  • Beginners to Mid Level Competitors (those who are just starting out (0 to 10 pageant entries or pageant competitions)

  • Highly Skilled Level or Well Seasoned Advanced Competitors with A lot of  Experience (10 or more pageant entries or pageant competitions), you will find that APAS,is like no other in the universe!

  • Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences, is working  with Pageant Hollywood closely to develop each and every candidate into highly compeititve stars or whatever the specific goals might be in the life of the individual and more so in the pageant industry.


Let Your Dream Be A Dream Come True©!


  • Some Pageant Systems Say That You Can't Take Home All of the Crowns! Well, then, they better tie them on their heads, because after you leave APA&S and enter their  pageant system you will be snatching all their crowns away!


  • Become that Beauty Pageant Star that you always dreamed of becoming by attending our 2 Week Pageant Boot Camp or our Mini-Boot Camp for 1 week.


  • When you finish you will TKO-C Totally Knock Out Your Competition on stage and all eyes will be on you! Your long lasting impression will give everybody present something to look and stare at, also you will stay in the minds of your judges forever!  You will always be the Highlight and the talk of every single pageant you enter upon completing our Pageant Boot Camp! All you have to do is be willing to work  hard and apply yourself and execute everything that we teach you perfectly!


By the End of the Pageant Boot Camp Retreat You Will Learn:

  1. How to get started competing in pageants or continue in pageantry successfully.

  2. You will choose the right pageant system according to your personality, skills, and talents to enter.

  3. Killer Clothes-Knock  the Judges Dead! What to wear  and  not to wear.

  4. The Most popular winning hair styles for your facial feautres.

  5. How to answer difficult questions without stumbling. Removing Umm's  and Ahs from your mouth.

  6. Professional Etiquettes

  7. You would have created  your own signature strut and style in the pageant world that is distinguished and uniquely different from other pageant contestants, no matter where you go you will be One-Of-A Kind for a long time.

  8.  How to literally wow your judges with your power and get them in a time zone they will have to wiggle out of!

  9. How to Win, Win, and Win! The entire pageant.

  10. How to become an Ultimate Mega Grand Supreme every time, follow their rules but use them against them to win.

  11. You will know which brand  and how to wear make-up that’s right or you.

  12. Find talent that you did not know you had to enter optionals that you can win.

  13. Top 10 ways How to Become a pageant star

  14. You will leave with a  successful strategy and plan for your pageant career.

  15. This one is for you, your personal inner being. You must come and let us know what you are intimidated by or afraid of.

  16. Learn which valueable pageant skills you acquired are transferrable into other areas of your life, then use those same skills to get everything want in life forever!


Not one area in pageantry will be left untaught, coaching all related areas of pageant  try to help you win every competition you ever become a contestant in.






This is a private Boot Camp Retreat and only a very limited amount of  retreaters are allowed to come, so decide to enroll today, actually right now because if you come back later we might have to tell you no, sorry we are full, you can come next year.


Enroll Now!


Careers In Pageantry

Welcome To Show Business!

Pageantry is fun and challenging, we certainly can't deny that! So why not look  for a career where all of the fun is and a place where you can have a positive influence on people and help them grow and develop into AWESOME and SUCCESSFUL children, teens, adults, employees, community leaders, husbands wives! and much much more!


There are over fifty careers in pageantry that you can choose from, to name a few:


Prize Coordinator       Contestant Coordinator              Stage Hand


Venue Coordinator      Motivational Speaker                Performer


Pageant Director          Business Correspondent            Volunteer


Pageant Blogger           Pageant Event Planner               Designer


Hospitality Mgr.           Beauty Consultant       Photo/Videographer


We can help you decide which career is the right one for you and if you decided to start a pageant system we will help you with that too! You can be the greatest pageant director ever!


Enroll Now!


Teachers, Coaches, and Instructors

If  you have a course, module, or an idea for a program that you would like to bring to the Academy of Pageantry Arts & Sciences and it would greatly benefit those in pageantry or for those who looking to enter pageantry please let us know, we welcome you with open arms and would love to work with you and to have you a part of our executive team!


Teach Now! Coach Now! Instruct Now! Just By Clicking



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