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 Pageant Hollywood

Hi! And How Are You Doing?  We are doing great and are happy that you stopped by to visit us! Pageant Hollywood is located in beautiful sun shiny Las Vegas! Now, don't run away... come and enter our royalty beauty pageant competitions. We would love to add you to our family of love  and will be elated to meet you! Come on tour with us as Pageant Hollywood travels around the world where you can become a candidate and win!  We, here at  Pageant Hollywood love to have you,  and see your strut and sparkle! Shine on stage and you become a CELEBRITY! After all, we are show business! Smile!

Pageantry is so much more, than just the crowns, sashes. gifts or other prizes that you receive. At Pageant Hollywood we respect all of your hardwork, practice, diligence, persistence, dedication, loyalty, and sacrifices!  You make everything so special and because of that we do not take that lightly or you for granted. We guarantee that while you are onstage performing that  you will get the upmost respect from the audience and be equally and fairly judged!  Pageant Hollywood will not allow any disrespect towards any of PH contestants, their guests, reigning queens, kings,   or any of us! We are devoted 100% to our candidates! Your Cares are our Concerns! We are a No-Nonsense entourage  of Executive Experts that will not settle for less  than royal premium top - class 360 degrees!


Pageant Hollywood works very hard to make sure that your day of fame and glory is unparallel to no other! Premium Top - Class Royalty and high quality of service is our signature, with more than 100 pageant corteges (systems) and growing! Great pageant products, services,  and a beauty pageant school; your lifestyle is  guarantee to change! In a Big Bright Beautiful Pageant Way! Pageant Hollywood has pageants for models, beauty pageants for newborns to grandmas, pas, and for your pets too, with all types of genres, around here there is something for everyone!


PH is Organic, Green & Eco-Friendly, doing most of our business paperless and Chemical Free.


Pageant Hollywood


The Best Pageants, The Best Prizes, The Best Chances of Winning©!


                      We are  waiting to see your BIG beautiful smile!


Let’s Do Pageantry©!



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