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Your Next Pet Beauty Pageant! 

So Hurry Up, and get your pet registered and entered!

My Pet Beauty Pageant

 Now It's Time For Your Pet To Shine!

Enter Your Favorite Pet Today, Don't Waste Any Time!

DOGS, CATS,  IGUANAS,  PIGS, HAMSTERS,  BIRDS,  or any pet that you have.

dogs, cats, rabbits (domestic), horses, burros, donkeys, monkeys, mules, miniature horses, ponies, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice (domestic), rats (domestic), pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, cows, canaries, budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, zebra finches, society finches, lovebirds, spiders, and freshwater aquarium fish.

If Your Pet Wins She or He will be placed in Pageant Hollywood's Pets of Royalty and will receive instant Royalty Status as a Celebrity!


Glitz, Natural, and Organic


  1. Best (Pet Type) in the World

  2. Furry Paws Of The Universe

  3. Miss United State Favorite (Pet Type)

  4. My Hero Forever, Int'l

  5. (Pet Name) is  the Kng/Queen 

  6. Sweetiest Little Pup/Kitty, USA

  7. (Name  of your Pet) is My Best Friend

  8. Miss Pet Princess or Mr. Pet Prince

  9. (Pet Type) Is a Man's Best Friend

  10. World's Greatest Talented Pet

  11. (Name Of Pet), King of All (Pet Type)

  12. Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme

  13. My Favorite Holiday (Miss, Mr. Name of  Holiday)


Face Pageant 

    Face Pageant, Is the Eyes, Hair,Nose, Ears, Mouth, Facial Expression, Photogenic, and Background Appropiateness. This only concerns the neck up, no other part of the body is allowed to be shown. This is a small pageant. Prizes are not the same for  as for the pageant above and will vary accordingly.


Optional  Contests:

  • Prettiest Eyes

  • Prettiest Hair

  • Cutiest Smile

  • Best Expression

  • Best Photogenic

  • Print Model Pet

  • Best Personality

  • Most Popular

  • Best Costume

  • Best Dressed

  • CoverGirl/Guy/Center Fold

  • Best Talented Pet In The World


To enter an optional, your pet must be a contestant in one of the above listed pageants.

We have over 13 pageant corteges.

Take A Glance At Our Pets Of Royality (My Pet Pageant Winners) Touch Here


Glitz =Your pet can be decorated; well manicured, nail polished, hair ribbons, barretts, doggy lashes, booties,  sweaters, T-shirts,  jewelry, or any form of beauty embellishments.


Natural=Your pet has no enhancements; meaning no make-up or any pet accessories , barretts, ribbon on fur, hair dye, costumes, coats, shoes, socks, etc.


All pets should be neatly groomed and well taken care of.


Early Bird is entering or registering your pet up to 6 months before the deadline of any pageant.


Regular registration or entry is  1 to 2 months before the deadline of any pageant. Deadline are set 1  1/2  weeks or  10 days before the begining of the month of that pageant.


Late Registration is registering or entering the pageant anytime after regular registration deadline. Late Fee Applies.


Entries are closed 3 days before the beginning of the month which is the same as the pageant date.


A Pet Pageant is conducted every month. To determine the date of the pageant, look at the number infront of the pageant you are interested in entering your pet in.  All pageants are conducted on the 1st of the month or the first business day of the  month, except for when a holiday is the first  business day of the month and during traditional holidays days. For Example:  6. Sweetiest Little Pup, this pageant is held on the 6th month on the very first day, June 1st and likewise for the other pageants unless otherwise noted. Competition dates and Rules are subject to change without notice. Back to Top


Please fulfill all requested information that pertains to each pageant. 


Most importantly, follow all instructions, if you do not want to disqualify your precious pet.  Violent, viscious, or bully pets are not allowed to enter. Competition Information and Rules  Request More Information, Tap

Push Here to Register and Enter your pet into My Pet Beauty Pageant.


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