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 The Frederick Awards

Is  the highest, the most honorable, most achievable, most prestigious award a person, a pageant system or business can  ever receive or achieve in the industry world of  pageantry. Thus,  celebrating, honoring, rewarding achievement and excellence in all aspects of pageantry around the world!  The Frederick Awards  is the first  and only one of  its’ kind in the world and in the history of pageantry that is dedicated to identifying and rewarding pageantry achievement and excellence in its’ entirety as an industry!  The Frederick Awards  is a distinguished award of merit and is awarded annually. Every person in or associated with pageantry wants this award!


About the Frederick Awards

Is dedicated to the advancement and pursuit of pageantry through applied arts (music, art, dance, song, talent and the like), show business, education, creativity, leadership, personal and professional growth and technology in the industry of pageantry. We are the Oscar's and Grammy's of Pageantry, so expect nothing but the best when you arrive!


       The Frederick Awards Day Celebration


Is an all day and all night star  royalty  experience to be held in Hollywood,  California. This celebration will be  divided into two halves: Award's Day and Award's  Night.


Here is a  small glimpse of the ceremony:


                  1. Award's Day

                         Receptions, Parties and more.


                   2. Award's Night

                  Is a Hugh Grand Finale celebration  for   those  in      pageantry.  Awards, and many other accolades, will be presented in       Grammy Style.


Audience Attendance & How To Order Tickets

Please email us at




There are over thirty (30) outstanding categories and subcategories for the Best of The Best In Pageantry! 


Nominations are from:

Best Leadership In Pageantry, Best Technology In Pageantry, Best Pageant Contestant, Best Business In Pageantry, Best Supporting Business, Best Pageant Director In Pageantry, Best Pageant Cortege (System) In Pageantry, Best Stage Design or Best Stage Theme Layout In Pageantry, Best Hair Artistry, Best Family Support In Pageantry,  Best Crown Wearing  Queen or King In Pageantry, Best Baby, Child, Teen In Pageantry, The Most Achieved In Pageantry, and the list literally goes on!  These are industry awards, to nominate a person or entity they must have soared and achieve above and beyond normal industry standards.




Who Can I  Nominate?

You can nominate any person, business or entity that you know that have excelled beyond normal expectations and made a contribution to the field of  Pageantry, especially those whose hard work have gone unnoticed and or have received  little or no recognition. It is time for them to be recognized, nominate them now!


Nominate Your Queen, King, Princess, or Prince from any pageant system, or Your Best Person In the Pageant Industry Today!

Now, Wow! What A Real Pageantry Industry Awards Ceremony!


Nominations Are Limited! Restrictions Do Apply.


I  Nominate........For......Click Here For More Info.

I  Nominate......For......Click Here For More Info.


A Colossal Award's Celebration Like You Never Seen Before! It Is Going To Be Outrageously Awesome! You Don't Want To Miss This For Nothing In The World!


Find Out How You Can Get Tickets


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A Celebration of Royalty for Award Winning Celebrity Queens and Kings©

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The Frederick     Awards

It’s the First of  It’s Kind and There’s Nothing in the World Like It!  A CELEBRITY EVENT!

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