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Internships, Volunteers, and Judges

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Pageant Hollywood, happily announces that they are seriously looking for good non-judgmental, good nature, honest, adorn with lots of love, compassionate, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, soft as a teddy bear, giving unconditionally, understanding, patience, hospitable, reliable, trainable, welcoming, positive, encouraging, empathic, diligent people with professional etiquettes and integerity that can deal with the pressures of show business and those that have a natural sincere heart for people especially children and want them to excel into properous human beings in their life.


The perfect person(s) must work well in a multi-cultural environment with people of different cultures, backgrounds of all ages, ethnics in a diverse environment in small groups as well as large and at times work alone. The perfect match would be able to adapt well to change, be a quick thinker and traveling! Can easily acclimatize and intergrate into our family of love and the pageant culture that we are and protray. Leadership skills are a plus for us.


Various positions are currently available within the United States, especially in our competition states. Please send us a copy of your resume via internet, why you think Pageant Hollywood is a great match for you and what your salary expectations are (if you are applying for a paid position). Please read this website so that you may get an understanding of who we are. Thank you most of all for your interest in pageantry, the people we represent and our big loving family.

Have a wonderful exploratory day!


Your internship experience can be your most rewarding business and educational expreience combined! As a student you will get a chance to apply your academic knowledge, theories, and skills,  with our training and  on the job hands on experience under direct supervision of  our Executive Experts!


Internships are available for all academic levels of education and curriculums or coursework.  Seasonal and semester internships are available and can be intergrated with your program, major, specialization or area of concentration.


Applicants are chosen based on several measures, they are as follows:                   

A. Classwork                                            B. Work Experience if any.        C. Coverletter & Resume                D. GPA   

E. Academic & Professional goals   

F. Academic  or Professional References.


Special parameters will apply to credit retrieval internships.

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Volunteer Services 

Try Your Hands at Something New and Exciting!

Pageant Hollywood respects and honors all of our volunteers, it would be with great pleasure for you to join our team and family.  You will have the time of your life!


If you would like to get some experience in the field of pageantry this is a great way of you getting it!   


We bring good people and good causes together all for the purposes of pageantry©.

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Judging & Auditing Positions

These are the two most serious foundational positions that anybody can hold in our pageant corteges, the entire credibility of the show rest upon the  judges and auditors. It is the job of a good hearted, fair, independant thinker & decision maker that can conclude objectively, have a clean heart,  a person good with weighing judgment, have a great conscious,  loving, love mankindtrustworthy, can think objectively, is non-judgmental with a keen eye for details and spotting talent, a person that has the highest standards of  ethics , integerity and most importantly can follow and execute Pageant Hollywood's judging instructions without being bias or partial, prejudice or racist. If this sounds like you we welcome you and invite you to apply. You will receive training directly from Pageant Hollywood's Experts, we look for something different in our candidates from pageant to pageant, no two pageants are ever alike. Your decision will affect the lives of many for the rest of their life, so think hard, deep, and strong if judging or auditing is right for you! It is a serioius job! Judges are switched out frequently, for our integrity, the comfortablility and confidence of our canidates A JUDGE MAY NOT JUDGE MORE THAN 2 PAGEANTS AND NOT WITH THE SAME COMPOSITION OF JUDGES.

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Pageant Hollywood

The Best Pageants, The Best Prizes, The Best Chances of Winning©!


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