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Educators, Teachers, Instructors, Princpals, Counselors

Pageant Hollywood has some great NEWS for you and your students! 

We Catapult Students  Directly into Success!


Grades K-12

Kindergarten through High School and College


Pageant Hollywood satisfies (gives the education and develop the whole person) and fills all gaps and voids between schools, home and  real life. They can do what schools are not able to do (Pageant Hollywood is every school and school district dream come true! "We are Your Right Hand"). Teachers are too busy with an overload of all types of demands, if there were 48 hours in a day they would certainly be able to do it!

PH will take any student whether A, B, C, or D, and Especially F!


Beauty, confidence, looking good, feeling good,  is not all we propituate!  We instill life skills and survivals skills too and oh! how important these are! How do we expect for students to have a successful life without them?

Most importantly, when a person knows and understand their purpose in life, they grow, flourish, and achieve heights that they never knew they can.

Educators are well to join in, find out ways you can ad your expertist. Click Right Here


Pageant Hollywood Promises That Your Students Will Develop A Greater Love For Learning and will... a new profound , Love, Respect, for Teachers Students, Society!   With Our Programs You will Be Impressed and Send Students, Read On by surfing our wonderful site.




Instructors,  Leaders, Coaches, & Mentors

Crowns 4 Students (A Partnership Program with educators; coaches, teachers, principles, instructors, and community leaders): Do you know a few students or people you that can benefit from pageantry? Write and tell us about them  if one of your students is selected and wins, they received a free entry into any local pageant of their choice.  Submissions: Revolving     Deadlines:  December and June 30th of every year.  Announcement of Winners: January 25th &  July 21st.  Email us for more information at                      


Fundrasing Program Opportunites Available

Pageant Hollywood is a great way to raise money for your group, organization, school, or any other fundraising purpose. Just ask Us  How! Tap Tap  Click  Here                                                                                                            


  1. The Student/Person that raises the most money RECEIVES A Beautiful Sparkling CROWN AND SASH! Crown Fundraing Queen or King.

  2. Your school, organization, group, etc. will receive Lots of Cash, enough to meet your fundraising goal.

  3. Many other prizes will be given your out to your other high fundrasing achievers. 

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