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If You Are Looking For The Next SuperStar, Let Pageant Hollywood Initiate The Introduction©Your First and Final Stop.


Thank you for stopping by, we're glad you're here!  Pageant Hollywood wants you to know that we have exactly what you are looking for, whether you are looking for the next super model, talented or gifted candidates to sing, dance, do a voiceover, play a musical instrument, act, or someone really unique and completely different for a reality program, we got it! Pageant Hollywood has the right person for your project, be it casting a commercial, Broadway show, the next mega movie, prancing and glowing down the runway, star in a sitcom, member for a new band or singing group, dancer for your new dance video, or an an opening night sensation for whatever the occassion, Pageant Hollywood candidates qualifies 100+%!


All of Pageant Hollywood's Stars will capture you at your first glance, there will be a connection at first sight. These candidates will sweep you away, they all have great resumes, head shots, portfolios, you name it they got it! No More Going Through Rounds of Auditions for You! Due to the rigorous preparation for the show, our candidate are ready, set, to go!


From the youngest to the oldest, they will not need much training or prep from you or your team because all have already developed and mastered diligence, hard work, perfection, personality, passion, and possess star quality of the highest degree.


Pageant Hollywood has a set of standards for all who pursue our candidates. We have to protect our candidates and must know that you are in their best interest all the way and not just yours! In addition, there is one more thing that we require of you, and that is that you are an authentic professional, well established with great credentials and are top notch at what you do! The best of the best!


If you are interested in attending one of our beauty pageants please contact us for further information, email us at or click here to be directed. Managers,  Agents, Casting Directors, Promoters, Coaches, and others, if you are interested in recruiting any of our bright and beautiful superstar candidates please be so kind and fill-out our Talent Search Leaf. Click and one of our Executive Experts will be sure to contact you immediately as available.  All of our auditions, productions, and events are closed to the public, attended and allowed only by special invitation.


Pageant Hollywood

The Best Pageants with the Best Candidates that has the most Astonishing Talents and Skills©!


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