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Beauty Pageants On A Budget


Pageant Hollywood understands that convenience or monetary concerns can stop a person with great potential from following their dreams. We at Pageant Hollywood feel that any person that desires to enter any or all of our pageants should be given the opportunity regardless of their financial status or budget and it is for this reason that Pageant Hollywood have created Beauty Pageants On A Budget, which are pageants created with your budget in mind and cost less money to enter. Below you will also enjoy the wealth of information that Pageant Hollywood's Executive Experts have assembled to assist you to create a pageant budget of your very own, if you still need guidiance with your pageant budget or want to learn about our beauty pageants on a budget please inquire about them by emailing us.


Pageant Hollywood will work very hard with you, to help you enter , and guide you in "How to Budget for a Pageants" big day! Pageant budgets can be a little challenging especially if you have not or do not know how to set a budget for a pageant to begin with. No matter how much we help you with how to make or create a budget for a pageant we can not do your work for you and the pageant Executive Experts will refuse to work with ungrateful or disrespectful potential candidate or their parents.


Please also know and understand that we also have a pageant budget, are charged fees, have expenses to run a business, and must pay employees so that they can take care of their families the same as you. 

Pageant Hollywood Proudly Presents and Introduces to you:


Beauty Pageants On A Budget


How to Budget for A Pageant 


5 Quick Things you need to know first before you can create a pageant budget:


Warning! Don't jump in feet first, think before you make a  pageant decision! Almost all decisions in pageantry will cost you some money and here at Pageant Hollywood is no exception!


You must be willing to go all the way through in pageantry  from the beginning to the end, which is a major component or principle of pageantry in growing as a person, completing a task, or to follow through successfully on what you started!


Our Pageant Executive Expert's Suggestion:

Wait until you have thought things out thoroughly and then enter our pageants.


1. Now, that you are very excited and know for sure that you want to become a pageant contestant take a deep breath and remain calm, and remain rational. Do not become so excited that you become  impulsive or become too spontaneous and paid an entry fee without ever fully understanding just how much money it takes for you to have your moments of fame and glory on stage or what is required of you as a contestant, not only just money but preparation as well.




2.  How Much Money do I Have to Spend on A Pageant?


This money is spare money, money that you do not need to live on or money that you do not have to sacrifice or take from bills, suchas: your rent, utility bill, food, or from one of your other children sports budget.


Our Pageant Executive Expert's Suggestion: 

It is all about the money because even if the pageant is low cost or free you do need money.  Honestly, nobody is going to let you compete in a pageant without you having to pay for something, because they are being charge for everything!



3. What Is The Total Amount of Money or Cost Do I Need To Give to the Pageant System to  Compete? 


This is a how much does it cost question, including: Registration, Application, Entry Fees, Optionals or Side competitions, this is a specific amount money that the Pageant System or Pageanty Hollywood requires or wants you to give them before you can compete, includes a deposits or down payment  to let them know you are serious about competing. The final payment you will have to pay either the day of the pageant or a date set in advance.


Our Pageant Executive Expert's Suggestion:

Keep a close eye on deadlines, be sure to have the money available when the deadline approach or pay in advance, it will be one less thing that you have to worry about. You can actually save money because most pageant systems offers a discount to contestants that pays early. Also missing the deadline, you can incur a late fee.


4. How Much Money is it Going To Take for Me To Compete Effectively or Win After I Enter?


Start with the money for clothes: 1 to 3 outfits or more depending on the pageant. Then, what do you wear when you are not competing, an example on the way to the pageant and when you leave, these can be outfits that you already have, you can embellish or buy something new (cost money), Pageant Coaching, Talent Coaching, Fitness Trainer, Shoes, Hair, Teeth Whitening, Flippers, Stockings, Make-up, Tanning,  Wigs or Hair pieces, Beautician, Manicure, Pedicures, Spa treatment,  Jewelry, Professional Pageant Photos, Transportation, Accommodations, Food, gifts for your pageant sister, brother or the current reigning queen and the list can go on depending upon the candidate and whether you are a glitz or a natural candidate.


If you do not have a lot of money to spare, you may want to enter a natural or semi-natural pageant  because they are less expensive and will require a little less of you. Also, you may want to  enter one of our neigborhood pageants or a pageant in your community or a local pageant because a local pageant can cost you less money sometimes, sometimes because if the pageant system have the pagenat in a nice hotel and they give away nice sashes, crowns, gifts, and awards you will pay a little more. 


If all of the money that you needed to spend or was only in the pageant fees then that would be great! You will find that the entry fee and other fees that Pageant Hollywood or another pageant system charges you is very small compared to the amount of money that you spend or will spend in preparation for the spotlight on the pageant stage, this is another reason why we say calculate your cost before you jump feet in first.  Back To Top



Get a notebook or use a spreadsheet in excel to write out your projected expenses, the actual cost or amount of money you spent, the amount of money you saved with your sponsorship amount if any.


See Our Example:


My Pageant On A Budget


Candidate's Name:  Abigails 

Name of Pageant:  My Christmas Pageant         Dates Of Pageant: Dec. 25, 2014


Items or Service       Projected Cost    Actual Cost  Money Saved      Sponsorship





Interview Attire                $78                       $59               $14                        N/A

Opening Number              $38                      $38               ____                      N/A

Evening Gown                   $400                   $250             $125                      N/A



Mary Jane                                                                                                        Yes



Necklace, Belt, Rhinestones, Earrings                                                         Yes



Holding Hair Spray, Hair Gel, Lipstick, Eyelashes                                     Yes




Pageant Coaching             $50/hr.($300)      $350           -----                     N/A

Gel Nails/Manicure          $40                        $35             $5                        N/A

Pedicure                              $25                        $25             ____                     N/A

Facial                                  $65                        $65             ____                     N/A

Tanning                             ____                      ____            ____                     Yes


Pageant Photography Headshot Photos      $125            ____                     N/A

Photo Retouching              $65                        $65             ____                     N/A



Already have them at home



Spray Tan Machine                                                                                         Yes



Rental Car Frm Airport      $79/day x 2=$158     



Breakfast, Snacks, Dinner                                                                              Yes


MISCELLANEOUS (can be emergency items or anything that is extra)

Glue Gun                         $2.99                     $2.99             ____                N/A

Glue Sticks                     $1.00                     $1.99             ____                 N/A

Extra Buttons                $2.00                     $2.00            ____                 N/A

Invisible Zipper           $1.99                      $1.99             ____                 N/A

                                       ______                 _______       ____               _____

Total                              $1111.98                 $1019.98         $144                  N/A


REMINDERS:  1 Week Before    2 Weeks Before    3 Weeks Before      4 Weeks Before


                       ____________     _____________    _____________     ____________


                       ____________     _____________    _____________     ____________


                       ____________     _____________     _____________    ____________







This is an example and would not apply to every contestant. A  Glitz pageant needs are a little different from natural pageants needs. Please customize your own list to match your pageant needs, you may copy the format from above.


But whatever you do be organized list all related products together and the same for the services.


Our Pageant Executive Expert's Suggestion:

Make a list first of what Pageant Hollywood or the Pageant System requires in terms of the number of outfits by looking at the schedule, what you are expected to participate in or what are they judging you on (how to you earn points), count all required attire  up and which will tell you how many outfits you will need at minimum. Then, think of all the things you will need to accent those outfits. Where is your skill level? and what is your body type? are you physically fit? Do you already have modeling skills if the pageant you entering is judging you on modeling. Is your voice and diction good? You will also need the time to practice until you get everything perfect.  Pageant girls and boys do all that they can to deliver a  perfect performance on stage. Don't forget the professional pageant photograher, you must have professional photos especially if you are entering glitz pageants.



5. What Am I Trying to Achieve through Pageantry? Or Why Do I Want To Enter Pageants in the First Place?


Do I just want the chance to walk across a stage in the spot light? Do I want to win? Do I want to develop character, boost myself-esteem, eliminate shyness? Do I want the best prizes and gifts? Do I want crowns, crowns, crowns or to win, win, win? Do I want to be Miss America? Is this just a hobby for me and it doesn't matter if I win or lose? Do I want to enter pageants to make friends and be with other girls, young women, boys, young men like myself? Do I want to enter only National or International pageants, where I can travel from place to place to compete? Whatever your reason may be and although these questions may not seem like it is directly related to the cost to enter a pageant, you better believe it is!  If your goal is to get a national title, competition is fierce and you might have to hire several professionals to help you win. You have to pay to enter at the local level, state and then the national level all out of pocket.  If you just want to enter at the local level and be done with it ok, you will still spend money but what if you like your pageant and became really excited and want to move on to other pageants or let's just say that you win, which is great, but now you have to compete at the next level which can be just a few months away with less time to gather up more money.


You can enter online or internet pageants, mail-in pageants, at-large pageants, beauty photo contests that just looks at your face, so again what are you trying to achieve through pageant will also dictate how much money you are going to spend or need.


Now, if your reason is to dress-up and walk across a stage then, maybe a local fair that is having a pageant where you can accomplish that might be good enough for you. If you want to develop alot of character or boost your self-esteem then you may need to enter a few pageants at a local level and proceed to a state or national pageant. Back To Top


Our Pageant Executive Expert's Suggestion:


Think about how much it will cost you to go to the next level. Yes, it is true you might be able to receive some sponsorship but you will still have to spend some more money. Shop wisely, not expensively, look for quality!  Although, presenting the complete package on pageant day can get expensive and out of control, but not if you stay in control. Watch every dollar that you spend, shop for items in beauty supply stores instead of going to cosmetics department stores, they have great deals and their prices are never too high.  Also try dollar stores, consignment stores, garage sales, ask friends about newly purchases that they made, and don't want or rarely use, you can do this for everything you need for the pageant from head to toe. Enter different pageants so you can reuse your dresses or outfits when you get tired of wearing them you have two options, try exchanging them with our Pageant Dress & Prom Dress Exchange or swap sleeves, remove the bottom of the dress and put a different skirt on it, remove various dress embellishments and put some different ones on it or try  dying it.


Come up with unique ideas and ways to raise money. What types of crafts can you do? Think seasonal, i.e. winter, can you make a scarf, hat, gloves, those items are always purchased. Think holiday; Thanksgiving can you make something that people must eat or use for Thanksgiving? Christmas is another hot holiday. Research what is hot on the market and then sell those items. Think talent, can you sing? offer to sing at someone party for a small fee. The more creative ideas or imaginative you become the more chances you have of paying for your pageant needs in full.


Lastly, sponsorships are also great! Don't just think short-term sponsorship, think long term! Ask a business that believes in helping girls, young women, boys, to sponsor a certain amount of pageants per year, tell them how much money you will need (do this in moderation, i.e. Well, for each pageant my son will need $1000 but the closest amount you can give us to that will be greatly appreciated), now they can see that you are sensible and because of that they might offer to sponsor your child for the entire amount. When you approach a potential sponsor be sure to have one of Pageant Hollywood's Sponsorships letters and inform them of what they will get if they sponsor you or your child. Say, this is a great way of getting your business noticed in the community for great work and supporting children futures. In addition, there will be over 100 people in the audience and as my daughter appear on stage your business name will be mentioned to everyone in the audience as her sponsor, your business sponsorship is a 100% tax deduction for your business advertising expense.


Although there are many more things to consider when creating a budget we have listed on a few.  If you need assistance with creating a pageant budget , or want to receive a list of pageants on a budget to email us at:


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