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Awards, Cash Winnings, Gifts & Prizes

$50,000, $25,000, $10,000, $5,000 All In Cash!


You Become A Celebrity!

For the year of 2015 & 16 Pageant Hollywood is estimating to give away one million dollars ($1,000,000) in awards, cash winnings, gifts and prizes. All gifts, prizes and awards are Premium Top-Class Luxurious with a Royalty Quality! We have the Best Pageants with the Best Prizes!


"Your Winnings Your Way"

Selected pageants allow you to customize and personalize your gifts, awards, and prizes but most importantly, you are given the honor of selecting some of your favorite products and services in your very own community where you live and shop! We do understand  and get it, that what is good or benefits one person may not be for you. You may choose to receive the cash or the prizes that equals or has the same monetary value that you won except for when there are stipulations for that particular winning(s). This is another aspect that separates Pageant Hollywood and their Pageant Corteges from other pageant systems.

Pageant Hollywood accolades are awarded and are creatively unique thought out thoroughly and assembled years before the recipients, candidates, titleholders and winners ever learn about the pageant. We do our very best to guarantee that the gifts, awards, and prizes are current, very different, one-of-a kind, individualized, swanky, fun, rewarding, fulfilling, tranquilizing, useful and most of all they can be easily or readily applied to your life almost immediately upon you receiving them, so that you can enjoy and reap some of the benefits of your hard work right away!  Which makes the candidate very happy, Pageant Hollywood wants you to be happy. You will never receive a gift from us that you cannot use, do not want or one that you are dying to give away to the first person that comes your way just to get it off of your hands because you find it so deplorable or you just cannot use it! Our gifts, prizes range in age from newborn babies, schoolers, tweens, teens, to young adults from various ethnic groups so diversity is a must!  To Top


Ok, so what are some of the things you can find in your valise or you can take home with you? Let’s start with our gigantic breath taking sparkling signature crowns, gorgeous tiaras, attractive bright and beautiful wall plaques, gigantic eye catching trophies, personalized gown bags, tablets, laptop computers, audio books, and handmade fragrance soaps. Pageant Hollywood's stunning signature sashes are out of this world, you will feel proud to have on draped across your shoulders, beautiful 100% real mink eye lashes the best you can find in the industry, beautiful bronzy or the perfect highest quality of spray tan or airbrush blush look, mesmerizing spa packages, the best health club memberships, well experienced and effective personal trainers, fruit, veggie, or mud facials, mani-pedi's, and the perfect skin care packages. Free entry into other and future beauty pageants, a beautiful royalty picture frame to frame your favorite pageant photo or most memorable moment, your favorite sports team jersey shirts or caps. DVD players, 56' TV,s sewing machines, designer jeans and clothes, shoes, designer handbags, a wedding gift when it is your time to get married, Pageant Hollywood professional magazine publication of your choice and annual publications from various industries.  


Other creative gifts that you will find rare for a pageant system and other gifts you will receive from us is a personalize chef apron, personalized monogram glasses, personalize pageant pillows, pageant robes and slippers. beauty accessory bag, 5 piece grooming instrument set, bookend holders, backpack on wheels, your city or town beach towel, personalized ice cream bowl, lotion and face cream of your choice from bath and body shop, Victoria Secrets sleepwear, Pageant Hollywood's flash drive, fishing rods  completed with everything you need to go fishing, good smelly soaps, your choice of trendy gifts to personalize with your name, your very own travel package which include airfare, hotel stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and spending money, so that you will not run out of it, your dream vacation whether it is in Mexico, California, Florida, New York City, in beautiful sun shiny Las Vegas Nevada, or in Europe, Africa  roaming through their famous safari or somewhere else exotic. You as the candidate receives a free hotel room in one of our luxurious resorts just because you are a candidate regardless if you receive a title or not, and the fun does not stop there!  Do you need a brand new SUV's or sports cars? Yes, at times we will be giving those away too, but you have to be in Pageant Hollywood to win it! We call it Your Winnings Your Way! To Top


Let me say this to the parents that are entering their princesses, and princes into our pageant system, all of our prizes, awards, and gifts are age appropriate! So you will never receive a gift that is not age appropriate or that will leave you having to search all around town trying to find someone to give your prize away to, that you and your precious child has worked so hard to earn.  Here are a few gifts and prizes we give to children: professional sturdy car seats, several cases or a factory box of pampers,  formula, trampoline, breast feeding support supplies, walkers, bumper sets, jumpers, popular dolls, trucks, cars, bikes, tricycles, drum sets, little baby chicks, puppies, kittens, cash scholarships,  treasure chests, toy chest, large doll houses, scooters, children's kitchen table and chair sets, B-day parties at you favorite: Chucky Cheese, movie theater,  McDonalds's, bowling alley to include shoes and bowling alley games, gift baskets vary in value for all ages with all types of toys for children including electronic games, playpens, baby bumper set, piggy banks, Choo Choo trains, door knob hangers with contestants name, enormous jigsaw puzzles, baby dolls (Bobbie and Bratz), cartoon photo plates, teddy bears. Gorgeous pink bed set with blanket and quilts or blue for boys. Oh, the list does not stop there!



Gift cards of all kinds including: McDonald's, Starbucks, Targets, Macy's, Dillard’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Coach, BeBe, American Express Gift Cards, TGIF, Movie Tickets, Six Flags and other amusement parks, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Lego Land,  Cedar Point, Hershey Park, Gas Card from your favorite gas station,  and the list goes on!  (The value that we use to match prizes, awards, and gifts are the non-sale price). We want every titleholder to walk away feeling that their prizes were worth their effort and hard work.  Delicious gourmet food certificates or gourmet gift baskets,


You do not have to win anything to receive these gifts most of the time: Make-Up and Beauty lessons, modeling techniques lessons, dance, signing and music lessons; piano lessons, guitar lessons, acting and commercial opportunities, martial arts lessons, beauty pageant cosmetics kits: make-up, perfumes and colognes, manicure, pedicures, facials, massages, beauty image consulting, flippers, fake nails, weaves and wigs of your choice. Latest and Stylist Hair Cuts, Hair Coloring, or just Hair Styling. To Top


One thing that Pageant Hollywood wants to make certain that you understand and know that we will never give you a gift or prize less than of good quality or value.  Equally important, neither will Pageant Hollywood allow someone a prize more than what they have earned; it must be an even value.


Pageant Hollywood standard awards and prizes such as: crowns, sashes, robes, and flowers will never be given the value in other gifts.



Each Pageant at Pageant Hollywood has their gifts and awards and you would need to request the gifts and prizes package list.


Word of Encouragement: Never allow an award, prize, or money to define who you are, you are so much more than that! Pageant Hollywood, another pageant system, or anyone else could never give to you how much you are worth to yourself, family friend and society as a whole!  Pageant Hollywood gives these things as an encouragement to keep you moving in the right direction and to say job well done! You are a sweet, loving person and if you do not receive the prize you want keep trying and keep improving believe us yourself, dream and your dreams will come true because hard work does eventually pay off but you have to be in the right place which is Pageant Hollywood in the right pageant, at the right time but most of all choose a pageant that is going to bring out the best in you  add a challenge for to strive to high heights.  

To Top


Celebrity Status, upon you being crowned and a title conferred upon you, you instantly become a celebrity and live changes forever, a new title is added to your name, you now will represent 100's, 1000's and sometimes 1,00,000,000's of people everywhere. Everyone in, attends, becomes a candidate, or is affiliated with Pageant Hollywood will know who you are, after, you are given the opportunity to join the Celebrity Status Elite  Club and receive very special pretistigous gifts, discounts, and privileges that are not offered to anyone else here at Pageant Hollywood.


We love and care about you and may God Bless You Always!


Pageant Hollywood


The Best Pageants with the Best Prizes and the Best Gifts©!

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