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Pageant Hollywood Executive Experts have over 51 years of combined experience in the fashion, talent, modeling, entertainment, photography, beauty, and pageant industry, as well as in other spectacular adventures! Pageant Hollywood’s Executive Experts are experts in their respective field and they are the most qualified in their industry today! They are a group of event producers, meeting planners, event coordinators, former models, models, fashion designers, pageant coordinators, writers, film directors, stage production managers, make-up artists, creative hair stylist experts, school teachers, college professors, dentists, firemen, store managers, photographers,  coaches, men and women in many other diverse careers who are just great people to be around and to have in your life.    Back to Top


A Few Snapshots from some of our Executive Experts, please enjoy!














































































































Yes, there is more and counting!

We’ll cater to your pageant every need.©  We Spark Excitement In You.©  Come Sparkle and Shine in our Sun©! 

We're here for you 24 hours a day!

Some of our Executive Expert Team members are mothers, aunts, sisters, brothers, grandparents and fathers of former pageant contestants and current winners of very prestigious titles. A few of your Executive Experts are starting a brand new career in the pageantry industry but each and every one brings their unique skills, gifts, talents, expertists and experiences to Pageant Hollywood to make your pageant experience an unique, awesome and an unforgettable one - of - a kind awesome and phenomenal experience!   Back to Top


Pageant Hollywood’s most seasoned staff members started indulging in pageants by entering their family members and competing themselves in pageants, modeling, acting, and talent shows throughout the United States and the world to name a few.



We offer you an invitation to join our precious and unique family of love, we  pray that you enter one of  our exhilarating pageants and stay with us forever! Your special guests, friends, family, children, mom’s and dad’s will never be disappointed! We Promise! PH is a pageant queen and kingdom to be for life!  Back to Top



We Can Give You The Pageant Experience You Are Looking For! Because Our Pageants Are Like No One Else’s©!


Thank You for visiting Pageant Hollywood today! Have a Happy and Prosperous Journey, we look forward to meeting you real soon!



Pageant Hollywood


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Pageant Hollywood's Executive Experts

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