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Heart 2 Heart


Unfortunately, there are some children and teens that will not be able to participate in any form of  pageantry without financial help; some need full financial help while others partial. These precious and beautiful young people have a strong desire to become a queen or princess and there is nothing that means more to them in their life than being able to enter the pageant of their dreams, walk across the stage and shine. 


Pageant Hollywood, would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your family, friends and businesses to join our pageant family of love by jumping right in, in helping us put big beautiful smiles on unfortunate children faces living in extreme poverty and bring a big bundle of jumping joy in their lives while at the same time making their dreams come true! In addition, you will be helping to develop our future citizens into respectful, responsible, reliable, intelligent, well-prepared people as we pass the paton to them.


You may purchase an Heart 2 Heart  e-pageant giftcard for a needy or less fortunate child, your support for the potential pageant candidate can be in full or in part.


At the end of our lives, we will know what accomplishments we  made and the impact we had on society by the testimony of others. Selfish gain is no gain! Whose life have you touched lately?


Click Here to purchase a Heart 2 Heart.

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