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2015 - 2017 Performance Schedule

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TITLE/NAME OF PAGEANT SYSTEM         COUTURE       GEOGRAPHIC  TERRITORY    COMPETITION LOCALITY                                                                                                                                                                                      


$25,000 Beauty Pageant & Game                Natural                          National                                 Texas


America Just The Two of Us                        Natural                          National                               Florida


Battle of the Pageants                                 Glitz & Natural               National                                 Texas


Best Husband In The World!                        Natural                      International                          Las Vegas


Best Grand Master Chef In The World        Natural                          Worldwide                            Florida


Daddy's Little Girl                                          Natural                          National                                  TBD


Desert Queen of the West                            Natural                 Regional-West Coast                   California


Fancy & Distinctively Gorgeous Nat'l Miss  Glitz & Natural            National                              Las Vegas


Fit, Healthy & Strong, USA                           Natural                           National                              Las Vegas


Honorary Pageant Queen, King                Glitz & Natural                 National                               Las Vegas

  I'm A Real Man! InterWorld                       Organic                       InterWorld                              Las Vegas


King of the World                                         Natural                        InterWorld                            Las Vegas


Lady  Queen-Victorious                               Glitz & Natural               National                                Las Vegas


Miss, Mrs.  Mr. Education Nat'l                   Natural                         United States                          Florida


Miss Back 2 School (Miss B2S)                    Natural                         National                                 Florida


Miss Black and I Am Proud                         Glitz & Natural               InterWorld                          New York City


Miss Coast of the Pacific Island                    Natural                       International                           Hawaii


Miss Kind & Caring                                       Glitz & Natural               National                               Las Vegas


Miss JOLLYLAND (winter theme)               Glitz & Natural              National                              Las Vegas


Miss. La Quinceanera Worldwide                  Natural                       InterWorld                           Puerto Rico


MISS Native New Yorker                                  Natural                         StateWide                          New York City


Miss Oreo, Miss Chocolate Chip                   Glitz & Natural                National                               Florida


Miss Chocolate Cabaret Extravaganza      Glitz & Natural               National                              Florida


Miss Oreo N Diapers, Miss Chocolate Chips N Diapers                       National                               Florida


Miss Sweet XVI (16) Beauty Pageant           Glitz & Natural                  National                              Las Vegas


Miss Peter Cotton Tail                                  Glitz & Natural                 National                              Las Vegas


Miss, Mr. & Ms.  Affluent                                Natural                      International                          California


Miss, Mr. Gifted                                                 Natural                          National                                    TBD


Miss & Mrs. Military Beauty Queen            Glitz & Natural                  National                                Florida

Mr. Military King  by  Elegant Military Beauty Pageants


Miss Organic                                                       Organic                          National                                    TBD


Ms. Diamonds Forever                                 Glitz & Natural                   National                             Las Vegas


Mr. Handsome & Intelligent Int’l                    Natural                        International                        Las Vegas


Mr. & Ms. Valentine of Love, Int’l                   Natural                         International                         Florida


Miss 12th Grade                                               Natural                            National                                 Florida

Miss 11th Grade                                                Natural                             National                                  Florida


Miss 10th Grade                                               Natural                              National                                 Florida


Miss 9th Grad                                                  Natural                               National                                Florida


Miss 8th Grade                                               Natural                               National                               Florida


Miss 7th Grade                                                Natural                                National                               Florida


Miss 6th Grade                                               Natural                                 National                               Florida


Miss 5th Grade                                               Natural                                 National                               Florida


Miss 4th Grade                                           Glitz & Natural                      National                               Florida


Miss 3th Grade                                            Glitz & Natural                       National                                Florida


Miss 2nd Grade                                           Glitz & Natural                       National                                Florida


Miss 1st Grade                                              Glitz & Natural                      National                                Florida


Miss Kindergarten                                     Glitz & Natural                     National                                Florida


Miss Pre-School                                           Glitz & Natural                      National                                Florida        


Miss Day Care                                               Glitz & Natural                     National                                      "                     


Miss (Mathematic; of your studies)           Glitz & Natural                     National                                      "                   


Miss Freshmen, Miss Sophmore               Natural                                National                                     "


Miss Junior, Miss Senior                              Natural                                 National                                     "


Miss InterWorld                                            Natural                                InterWorld                                  "


Mrs. InterWorld                                            Natural                                InterWorld                                  "


Mr. InterWorld                                            Natural                                InterWorld                                 "


My Ancestory Pageant                                 Natural                                 InterWorld                                 "


Ms. Whimsical Queen                               Glitz & Natural                       InterWorld                                 "


My Christmas  Pageant                             Glitz & Natural                      National                                  Florida


My Wife's Show Case                                  Natural                                InterWorld                     New York City


National American Miss Jubilee               Natural                                  National                                 Las Vegas


National Miss One In A Million                Glitz & Natural                      National                                  Las Vegas


Next Generation Of Science & TechNoLogy Geniuses PAGEANT            National                                    TBD


Smiles Cheeks & Teeth Pageant              Glitz & Natural                     National                                Las Vegas


SPATPA, Sports Pageant - Sports & Athlete's Championship Pageant   National                                  Florida


SummerTime Gone Wild! Pageant          Glitz & Natural                       National                                      "


United Nations Miss Universal Queen     Natural                            International                               Las Vegas


United States College Pageant                 Natural                                  National                                 Las Vegas


We Are Not Just Pageants as Usual…We’re Hip Funky N Cool!

Fresh Pageants   Fresh Innovation   Fresh Fun   Fresh New Friends©!

Our Pageant Expectations Are As High As Yours©!


  Choose a few pageants that interest you, click on them and enter.



Beautiful Proms of America             Natural           National                            Florida


Prom #1      Prom Queen, Prom King (Prelimimary)

                    Miss Intelligent Prom Queen, Mr. Intelligent Prom King

                    Miss Regent's Prom Queen, Mr. Regent's  Prom King

                    Miss AP Prom Queen, Mr. AP Prom King


Prom #2    Nation’s Most Beautiful Prom Queen of America

                   Nation’s Most Handsome Prom King of America


Prom #3     Miss Prom Queen, (Preliminary) Miss Prom Queen of the West, East, South, North.

                    Miss Collegiate Prom Queen of America,

                    Miss High School Prom Queen of America

                    Miss Junior High School Prom Queen of America

                    Miss Elementary School Prom Queen of America


Prom #4     Miss Graduating Prom Queen

                    Mr. Graduating Prom King


Prom #5   Miss American Collegiate Prom Queen

                   Mr. American Collegiate Prom King

                   Miss American High School Prom Queen

                   Mr. American High School Prom Queen

                   Miss American Junior High School Prom Queen

                   Mr. American Junior High School Prom King

                   Miss American Elementary School Prom Princess

                   Mr. American Elementary School Prom Prince


Prom #6  Miss Internet Prom Queen, Mr. Internet Prom King

                 Miss. Internet Junior Prom Queen, Mr. Internet Junior King


Prom #7   Miss College Collegiate Prom Queen of America

                  Miss Sr. High School Prom Queen of America

                  Miss Middle School Prom Queen of America

                  Miss Primary School Prom Queen of America


Prom #8   Mrs. College Internet Prom Queen, Mr. College Internet Prom King

                  Miss College Internet Prom Queen

                  Miss Internet High School Prom Queen

                  Miss. Internet Junior High School Prom King                


Prom #9  Miss Post Graduate School Prom Queen

                 Mr. Post Graduate School Prom King

                 Miss Bachelor's Prom Queen

                 Mr. Bachelor's Prom King


Prom #10 Miss College Prom Queen

                 Mr. College Prom King

                 Miss High School Prom Queen

                 Mr. High School Prom King

                 Miss Middle School Jr. Prom Princess

                 Miss Primary School Jr. Prom Princess


Prom #11  Miss Graduate University Prom Queen

                  Miss Graduate College Prom Queen

                  Miss Junior College Prom Queen


Prom #12  Miss Prom American Queen

                  Mr. Prom American King

                  Miss. Prom Junior Queen

                  Mr. Prom Junior King


Prom #13 Miss Prom America's Queen

                 Mr. Prom America's King

                 Miss Prom America's Junior Queen

                 Mr. Prom America's Junior Queen


Prom #14 Miss College Senior Class Prom Queen

                 Mr. College Senior Class Prom King

                 Miss Senior Class Prom Queen

                 Mr. Senior Class Prom King

                 Miss Elementary Class Prom Princess

                 Mr. Elementary Class Prom Prince


Prom #15 Miss Medical School - M.D.     

                  Miss Business School - MBA. MS. MA.

                  Miss Law School - J.D.  PPC.

                  Miss Dental School - D.D.S




Be A Win- It – All Contestant, Only At Pageant Hollywood!


Everyone is coming to Pageant Hollywood, You Can Too!

Perfect Pageant with the Perfect Package!


Enter Now! In 4 Easy Steps

The Frederick Awards    The Golden Grounds of Fame


Do you know anyone who can benefit from pageantry? or Someone that is a perfect fit for pageantry?

Then, tell him or her about us and send us their email address.



Pageantry Industry Awards Ceremony


 The Frederick Awards, An Annual Acknowledgement Awards Event for those in the Pageantry industry.                                                                                                                                                                              



Save the Date, Pageant Hollywood Has A Date With You!




My Pet Beauty Pageant

Performance Schedule 



                                 Natural, Organic, & Glitz          InterWorld                        Internet-Monthly

Best (Pet Typein the World


Furry Paws Of The Universe


Miss United State Favorite (Pet Type)

My Hero Forever, Int'l


(Pet Name) is  the King/Queens 


Sweetiest Little Pup/Kitty, USA


(Name  of your Pet) is My Best Friend


Miss Pet Princess or Mr. Pet Prince


(Pet Type) Is a Man's Best Friend


World's Greatest Talented Pet


(Name Of Pet), King of All (Pet Type)


Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme


My Favorite Holiday (Miss, Mr. Name of  Holiday)


Now Be Awesome and Spread The Word, Tell A Lot Of People And Send Them To Our Site!


Neighborhood, Boroughs, Towns, Parish, City, Local, State, and Regional Beauty Pageants will be conducted in their respective locales or occur in their home state.


The Performance Schedule above is only reflecting the national and international pageants.


 Please contact PageantHollywood for the specific performance schedule for the beauty pageant that you are interested in participating in for further details.

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