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There's No News Like Pageant Hollywood News! Oooh! I 'm Telling! Well, you better hurry up!


Hello media representatives, broadcasting stations, news reporters, archor pesons, radio personalities, talk show hosts, internet reporting enthusiasts, bloggers near and far, and paparazzies, if you would like for us to make an appearance, engage us by attending one of our audacious and awesome productions, or retrieve information to write an article about PH, we welcome you with open arms, and  a heart of warm gratitude.  PH will be more than happy to issue you a backstage media pass upon request.  Please contact us at 










Television - Coming Soon!


Radio -  KKVV 1060 AM



In The Press - Coming Soon! So Watch Out!



The Internet - We're Here!



Anouncements - PH is now accepting those who are interested in participating in an internship, for more information send us an email. Click Here













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