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Our Charity
Abandoned Babies

Don’t Turn Your Back To An Innocent Child!®

There is something you can do!


Please, Please! Our hearts are crying for this baby, he needs us and so do so many other children like him, Please Help! Don't walk away without doing something to help.  


It is a known fact that the  babies born today are our future, they will take over and run the country, treat the sick , give aid to the elderly, put out our wild fires, plow the snow, grow our vegetables and raise our animals, entertain us in music, film, TV, be our tour guides when we go on vacation, and help us with all the other essential things required to live life to the fullest and be happy; in retrospect we want these babies and children to be happy and live life to the fullest as well.  We need every baby, each baby brings something unique to our society. A baby's life is to be taken very seriously, to be cared for with tender loving care, to be clean and safe!  Unfortunately, not everybody feels the same.


There are literally hundreds of newborn babies being flushed down toilets, thrown into dumpers alive every second, wrapped in black plastic bags, suffocated to death or toss to die, screaming at the top of their precious little lungs but nobody hears them! Finally, they are crushed to death alive!


Please help us save these innocent babies lives!  Start a fundraising campaign in your community! Donate your resources and time. Abandoned Babies is a 100% non-profit 501c 3 charitable organization operating solely on volunteers.  Pageant Hollywood have partnered with Abandoned Babies  ​to help raise money for awareness, prevention, intervention, food, and other basic needs, a national headquarters office, living quarters for unwed homeless pregnant teens that live on the streets, and an 24 hour hotline which will cost an estimated $5,000,000 to get up and running but it is all worth it, can you put a value on a life? And if  you can how much money is a life worth?  A portion of all Pageant Hollwood's profits will be donated to Abandoned Babies for the cause, won't you join in to protect the children and humanity? Click Here to Start An Abandoned Babies Campaign in your community or and to make a donation. Any amount will do, if you want you can choose to donate $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000 or more. Do you know someone who would love to help or donate? then encourage them and send them here! We must be these babies voices and fight! fight! fight! for their lives! Thank you for helping out in advance, the children love you.


Abandoned Babies website address is visit this site to get more information about abandoned, abused and neglected children or

if you would like to have more information you can send us an email or go the website below.



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