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Pageant Hollywood Program Book is a very popular, well-liked, and admired among the community. This audacious and beautiful professional publication,  is designed, laid-out and printed by the best Graphic Artists and printing company in the US. This souvenir book is an impressive book and makes you really feel good about being a part of it!


It is the most prestigious pageant program book in the pageant industry.  This book will go in the hands of  subscribers and the contestants of each pageant as each pageant will generate their very own stunning program book in a unique and storytelling way.


This program book will also be shared with friends, family members, community leaders, the media, advertisers and circulated among the producers of each beauty pageant show.  It is highly suggested for each contestant to also place ads therefore the program book will serve a multi-purpose and a keepsake to share with people that will encounter contestants latter on in life and can also be saved for contestants to remember their hard work and to share their very precious memories with future family, especially their children. The stunning and vivacious program book also serves as a great conversation piece. For sure it is not a book that will be thrown in the garbage or set-up on a shelf but instead place on a table to show-off for display, now and in the future. Back to Top



The pageant program book is definitely a good investment and means to get your message, product, and service in the hands of those intended and can generate business and leads for years to come. You do not have to be in the show business, or in the beauty industry to benefit from placing your marketing and advertisement with us. You may also order several copies of the publication for your business associates and for gifts for children that you know.


What you will find in Pageant Hollywood's Program Book? Pictures of contestants who won cover, center, inside and back cover, a pageant contestants' page with photos of each and every contestant competiting in the specific pageant divisions and categories, pageant program schedule and other information related to pageant day, an autograph page, attractions  around the pageant town,  jokes, articles, a little about fashion styles and all sorts of other advertisement from business owners, family supporters and messages of encouragement and  love.


What Should You Advertise? Here are just a few examples of what to advertise (Almost anything you want, but keep in mind it must be age appropriate, family oriented, and of good taste): Back to Top

Get Well Wishes

Words of Encouragement to the contestant

Pictures of  Contestant, Contestant Family

Happy Birthday Announcements

Announce a New Business or a Current One.


For Sale


Contestant Services: Products, Car, Pageant Dresses, Make-up, Shoes, Tanning Supplies, Wigs, these tantalizing publication  is circulated throughout the season, but we sure can not promise you one because sometimes they sell out.


The proportions of the Ads are as follows: 1. Full Page Color Ads   2.  3/4 Page Ads in Full Color or Black & White                                                                         3.  1/2 Page Color Ads    4.  1/4 Page Colot Ad

                                                                                        5. Normal Business Card Size (20 Word Maximum or                                                                                                                     Combination of Photo and Words)




Please Submit A Request Via Email if you are interested in placing an ad in Pageant Hollywood Program Book.


You Can Order All Of Pageant Hollywood's Publications,Too!


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