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Licensing & Investing in Our Pageants


     Pageant Hollywood, the Pageants of the Now and the Future©!



Great Business Opportunities For You!


Hello! Welcome and Thank you for considering to Become A Business Owner or Pageant Director, We're Happy You're Hare!


    You will enjoy owning and running your very own beauty pageant  business!


Pageant Hollywood (PH) has over 100 different, awesome, fun-filled, beautiful premium top-class luxurious royal  and exciting beauty pageant systems. We have the best pageants, the best prizes, the best opportunities in this industry for you.  You can choose from local, state, regional, national to international pageants to own.  Plus, you will be able to grow in leaps and bounds as Pageant Hollywood's pageants grow and expand around the world! You are guaranteed to be successful! How delightful and cool is that?


No, Worries! No Experience or College Degree is neccessary because we will train you and teach you everything you need to know about the pageant business. You will be up running your pageant business in no time! Guaranteed!


It is very simple to find out if owning and directing your own pageant system will work for you, Take the Pageant Hollywood Business Owner and Investors Test, just read and answer to these questions below, if you find yourself answering yes to 12 or more then, Bing! Owning your own pageant business is for you right here at Pageant Hollywood.


Pageant Hollywood Business Ownership or Investors Test

Find Out if Pageantry is Right for You!


Do You Have a Passion for the Pageant Industry?

Do You Love Having Fun While Working?

Do You Have Organizational Skills?

Do Have Experience With Events?

Can You Inspire, Motivate, or Encourage Someone?

Can You Work Well Alone?

Were You Ever Part of a Pageant Production Team?

Are You Looking for a Business Opportunity or To Start Your Own Business?

Is Your Boss Getting on Your nerve? Then, it is time to leave!

Are you Tired of Working for Other People? Do You Love To Travel?

Do You Want to Work at Home to Spend More Time with Your Children or Family?

Do You Love Being In Control of Your Destiny? Do you have a lot of free time?

Do you love helping people , develop, and prosper? 

Do you love investing in other people lives?

Do you love seeing people take control of their lives and overcome barriers?

Do you love working with multi-ethnic people?

Are you a positive person?

Are you energetic?

Are you a go getter or self-starter?

Are you the type of person that doesn't need someone to tell you what to do, you will figure it out yourself?

Do you know how to make someone feel better?

Do you believe in working smarter and not harder?


Give Yourself  2 points for each answer of yes, total them up, you need 28 points to qualify as a business owner or investor in Pageant Hollywood's Pageants.


Remember, if you just answered yes, then owning your very own beauty pageant competition is the thing you want to do!  No need to wait, so email us right now!  You can officially be a new business owner in a matter of days and  be up and running in no time. Or if you are not into doing all of the work then you can become an investor or sponsor.


15 Big  Major Life Changing Benefits for  Obtaining a  Director's License:


1. You will be a part of an elite, royal, classy, sophisticated, stature  of business owners like yourself.

2. Financial Freedom, you will gain 100% financial independence. You determine how much of a profit you should make.

3. You will be your own boss and never have to answer to anyone else ever again.

4. You choose or determine how many hours you should work every day, weekly or monthly.

5. You choose if you should work part-time or full-time!

6. More time to spend at home with your children and family or to have for your personal hobby that you love so much!

7. You will meet people from all walks of life and learn how other people live around the globe.

8. Love and Respect - Your candidates will look up to you and appreciate your hard work and what you have done for them.

9. You will help make other people dreams come true.

10. You will help people find out what their purpose is in life and help them to their destiny.

11. You get to live forever and make a long-lasting impression in people lives, because you personally  invested into their lives and you get to see people grow and mature before your very own eyes, you will always  forever be in their hearts.

12. If you like traveling, you can travel around the world for free, and write it off as a business expense.

14. You do not have to be alone - You can have someone else with you, but you are the BOSS!

15. The tenth one is for you! add another one of your reasons right here........


Lots of Adventure is waiting for you, at Pageant Hollywood!


Obtain Your Beauty Pageant License Today! Click Here


Pageantry at its Finest©!

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