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Take a Bite Out of Pageantry©! And Take The Chew Home©!

Pre-Registration and Early Bird Registration is Happening Right Now!


Step 1   

Choose a beauty  pageant(s) that you want to compete in from the performance  schedule or the beauty pageant circuit.


Step 2   

Summit a letter of inquiry by email, asking to enter or any questions that you may have. If you are certain that you want to enter the pageant of your choice, then from this website submit the Potential Candidate's Pre-Qualification Form.


Step 3  

After Pageant Hollywood's review, if you have meet all requirements, and is a good match for Pageant Hollywood, you will be informed that you were approved, accepted,and invited to enter by Pageant Hollywood's Executive Experts. Once you accept our invitation then you will progress to step 4. 


However, if the pageant you desire to enter requires you to audition, you will have pass your audition before being invited to become an official candidate.


Step 4   

Once you receive the information from Pageant Hollywood, make sure that you meet all requirements; read all rules, procedures, policies, and regulations, each pageant system has a different set of rules. After sign it and send it back to us, then submit the appropiate fee.  


Fill-out all of the required documents and sign those too.  Summit completed documents, necessary supporting materials where required and other requests made by Pageant Hollywood.  And, then you're in! It's just that simple! You will be an Official Candidate in Pageant Hollywood. We Are Jumping Up and Down, Just Can't Wait To Meet You :) 



Please Note: Be sure to thoroughly, carefully read and fully complete all subject lines on your forms and pageant paperwork, in completed applications will be rejected without notification.

Upon receipt and review of your documents we will email your status. 


Now start preparing  for the pageant, you are a winner so come ready to win your crown!


We Are Excited and Can't Wait to Meet You! :)

See You at the Beauty Pageant!

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