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The Golden Grounds of Fame©


Is a dynamic, prestigious and luxurious lifetime acknowledgement for beauty pageant Queens or Kings that have been crowned with a title! By partaking and being inducted in The Golden Grounds of Fame, your legacy is permanently etched forever in a gold sparkling royal  style star with your name and a crown on The Golden Grounds of Fame. Future generations and current ones will know and remember you as a legend and your remarkable accomplishments!


Normally, when your reign is over, you are almost forgotten forever, unless you are receiving a tribute which is rare, but not any more! Anyone that have ever won a crown will be found here at The Golden Grounds of Fame!


If anybody wants to see, find your gorgeous bright shinny golden pageant crown star or want to  know if you or someone else is or was crowned a Queen or King now, they can find you easily on The Golden Grounds of Fame with no problem! 


Having your very own gold sparkling star in The Golden Grounds of Fame is royalty and it is like being placed in a History book but instead you will be placed in a large, golden,  very prestigious grounds of fame. Yes, this is an Historical Experience! A Once in a lifetime achievement!


A Pageant Changes Everything©

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Do Not Let Your Hard Work Go To Waste, Capture it For The Future©!

In the Queens Walk

There is a special walk that every Queen takes when she is crowned , no one really knows exactly how shocked, exciting, remarkable, joyous, and so unreal it feels to hear your name called as the winner of  a beauty pageant. This is where your Queen's precious sparkling golden stars will be placed, right here in The Queens Walk. Fame! Royalty! Historical! You will never be forgotten, ever again!


This is a special section that has been reserved and designated for the Queen’s Walk, only for those who won an entire pageant before and meet the induction eligibility status requirements.


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The Queen’s Walk


The Pageant Stardom

Although everybody is a star and queen in their own right, The Golden Grounds of Fame also knows that in a beauty pageant cortege (system) there is only one person that can receive the title and crown, it is for this reason that created The Pageant Stardom was created to acknowledge those who won a non-queens title; such as: Best Beautiful Smile, Best Talent, or whatever the title may be, they are eligible to receive a beautiful golden star too, with their name, and the pageant system they won in.


Induction Eligiblity

If you have won a beauty pageant title or if you know someone who has won a beauty pageant in any category, you may  induct them into The Golden Grounds of Fame.  Some examples of beauty pageant titles are: Queen, King, Princess, Teen, Ms, Mrs., Mr. Photogenic, Top Model, etc. on any pageant level; local town, city, state, national, regional, or international. Age is not a factor to be inducted into The Golden Grounds of Fame©.


How your legacy is permanently eitched forever on The Golden Grounds of Fame.


Firstly, Contact us explaining your interest in the   The Golden Grounds of   Fame.


Secondly,Meet the Induction Eligibility Status and Provide the required Proof.


Thirdly, Agree to abide by all rules & restrictions.


Finally, Pay the Induction Fee. 


Remember your legacy is not just for now or 5 or 10 years away, it's  forever! More than your lifetime!


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For further details please email us at


Imagine seeing your name on a gorgeous golden crown star, that's who we are Pageant Hollywood.


We are the #1 reliable source and the only source that keep up with every reigning loyalty. If you are not on The Golden Grounds of Fame or listed in our database, then where are you? With us you will always remain a Pageant Star because Once a Queen or King is always a Queen or King! Also, a queen, king, or person can easily be verified if they were ever in a pageant thanks to our prestine verification process. A lot of people say that they were beauty queens and kings but never step their foot on a stage! Want to find out if someone you know won a beauty pageant before? Just give us a call!

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Watch-out! Hollywood California! Cause Here We Come©!

Representing  Queen's  & Legacies at its Finest around the World©!


You Can Not Get this Anywhere Else! The Golden Grounds of Fame is the First of Its Kind!


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