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Win Your Crown with Mind Control - Part I of 3

Most people when they make up their mind to do or accomplish something they pretty much do it, that is complete what they set out to do; their mission, move on with their lives and then find new goals and accomplish those too with little or no problem, but then on the contrary there are a few people that just can't seem to accomplish what they have set out to do no matter how small or grandar their mission may be, why not? What has happened to hinder them?

Sorry! but just by saying I am... I will.... or buying the best or most gorgeous fashionable expensive clothes and even the right attitude "I Am Going To Win That Crown" is not good enough! Many or almost everyone that enters a beauty pageant says that they are going to win "that crown" and may have practiced really hard and didn't win! They lacked something or just had a bad day and that is why they did not take the crown home.

If you are going to win you must possess complete and total mind control power over yourself, over your competitors (other contestants and their supporters), the pageant judges, and anyone in or out of your presence that is currently associated with the pageant system at hand including the director and don't forget the audience. Start from the time you process your entry application to stepping out of your car into the arena (hotel), orientation, and then onto the stage. Control every aspect of the event without anyone directly really knowing what you are doing although they will feel it but not really know that your mind is the controlling them.

Clues; Thoughts, Reasoning, Will, Perceptions, and Feelings is what you are controlling in others, in a meek and humble way not bostering or bragging or overly confident which you do not want to do because the other contestants will rebel against you and that is a no no. Since humans go with what they see first and then what they feel, you will need to guide their minds to see you as you want them to see you as the person that will be taking the crown home "the pageant winner" and sory, not themselves. Although they might want to really win, but now they have given the control over to you (Perception), once your competitors see you as the winner they have already changed their preception of themselves and now it has become easy for you to win, why because they just have a little confidence inthemselves. Have you ever heard you or someone you know say "I really want to win but I think and feel that she (referring to another contestant) is really good, or did just as good?" Win your crown with mind control, let your fellow pageant sisters know that you are going to take that crown home with you.

As for the judges, this is where you become really serious. Why? because these are the people who will bestow the title upon you-winnership! The Crown, and name you as the history maker (and you are making history). You never ever want a judge to draw their opininon or base what type of contestant you are why because you are going to win your crown with mind control all the way, and completely! Remove their authority to decide and you tell them it's you they must declare as winner and they will!

As long as you compete in pageants always win your crown with mind control and you will always come home with the crown and live happily ever after.


If you have any comments or would like to add to this post, be our guest and write on in. Also if your found this blog to be helpful then send it to a friend.

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