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Auditions & Preliminary Pageants

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Some of Pageant Hollywood's pageants require the interested person or potential candidate to engage in one or more of the four (4) auditions, but never all four (4), while others may not require any auditions at all. The following are the four (4) different types of auditions that Pageant Hollywood conducts or that you can be asked to do:


1. Written Audition (W)

2. Audio/Verbal Audition (A/V)

3. In Person Audition (P)

4. Visual (V)


If you are required to audition you will be given specific detailed instructions and information that will assist your success in rendering such. Pageant Hollywood's Auditions are not difficult, but are fun and a great way for both you and Pageant Hollywood to determine if you both are a good match for one another. 


To know which pageants necesitates an audition look for a W, A/V, P or V next to the pageant you are entering.



Preliminary, Pre-Ceremony or Pre-Event Pageants; Has two meanings in Pageant Hollywood:


1. Before the start of a pageant there most likely will be a pre-show of various entertaining performances mainly put on by the candidates, this also includes other competitions, awards and prizes not directly related the Primary Pageant.


2. You are required to compete in a pre-pageant before you can  enter or compete for specific or higher Pageant title or status; i.e. A State Pageant may require that you compete on a local level first or a National Pageant may  require that you compete in a state pageant first for that  title or specific pageant you are interested in.


Waiting List (WL) / WL Status

At times the demand for a specific pageant is higher than the number of Line-Up Spaces available, and that is when Pageant Hollywood creates a waiting list with a limited amount of potential candidates that can actually be allowed to wait on that list. Another reason Pageant Hollywood creates a WL is when they are introducing a new pageant into the world for the first time or may create a list to let future contestants know when a pageant becomes active and they can begin the paperwork process.



Standby (SB) / SB Status

When a potential candidate is taken out of WL Status and is selected to compete, once all the pageant paperwork and fees are met the potential candidate now becomes an official candidate in the specfic pageant which she or he has been waiting for. Sometimes when a potential candidate in WL Status is willing to complete all pageant paperwork and pay all fees in full they can skip SB Status.


For a complete list of beauty pageants that require auditioning hit here.Every Great Pageant Experience Is Here!

Reminder: Not all Pageant Corteges requires an audition.


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